Jackson Tan

Jackson Tan

Jackson is currently a Director for Sports Rehab and Fitness. Being a competitive sportsman for more than 20 years, it was via Jackson’s love for sports that led him to discover that through the enjoyment of sports and exercises, individuals could experience happiness.


It was through this motivation that led Jackson to conceive, RISE Fitness, a health portal where he could pursue his passion to put a smile on people’s faces through fitness and wellness.


Jackson also firmly believed that individuals had the Power to achieve the pinnacle of health naturally and without the use workout supplements.


And hence, Jackson went on to jump-start the fitness platform by developing a system where through professional knowledge, patience, respect, discipline, dedication and heart, individuals were empowered through fun and customised exercise regimes to achieve both peaks in their health and in their happiness. 


As Jackson was in pursuit of guiding people achieve their fitness excellence, he one day realised that fitness and wellness alone were not enough to bring smiles of a lifetime to people’s faces. Rather it was being injury and pain-free whilst being fit and healthy that would.


That epiphany, led Jackson to create an arm under RISE Fitness, known as RISE Fitness Sports REHAB, where Jackson had combined the best practices in both Western and Eastern Sports Rehabilitation techniques to create his very own blend of healing.


RISE Fitness has thus developed into a holistic fitness hub where individuals learn to be empowered through unique exercises techniques, whilst being healed of their aches and pains, where they could once again regain their original quality of life, and enjoy their love for sports and exercise with their loved ones.


Jackson hopes that he could continue to share his knowledge and passion as well as continue to consult many other establishments on how they could assist the community at large to be happier and healthier through RISE Fitness.